How Leadonet Works?

Leadonet helps you build and ship your product for a fraction of the cost and effort of doing it yourself. Building a good product is expensive, and time and money can both work against you at seed stage. Leadonet brings to the table the technical resources and guidance on establishing a technology company. We have seen great ideas executed badly and demoralizing good founders. If your community is scarce in technology leaders, don’t let that be an obstacle. Come talk to us.

Learn how we can help to build your product

Talent Focused

Unlike working with freelancers, we have a stake in seeing your company succeed. And they say, a product is only as strong as the team behind it. We will help to hire and train your in house core team for a smoother transition to self-sustenance.

Market Ready

Focus on business goals, let us use our experience to build you a strong product to support your goals.

Cost Effective

Our instalment plans allows you to invest your initial capital in marketing, branding and product instead of putting all of it into just product; increasing the chances of your start up succeeding.

Simply, Leadonet is a CTO-as-a-Service for non-technical founders having trouble building their Minimal Viable Product(MVP).

You get a bootstrap friendly package to get an MVP to market and begin the process of real validation at minimum cost and time.

You also get years of experience building a wide range of products ourselves for other startups and clients along with our access to proven technical resources.

The end product you will get in your hands is a fast, yet solid foundation for your MVP that will carry you forward without the fear of technical debt coming back to bite you.

We will help you hire and train your in house team when you graduate from our program to make sure your momentum is maintained.

No hard feelings, you gave it your best and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Save the rest of the money and start something new, or go for a vacay, we know the feels.

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